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Monday, January 23, 2012

Is Caty ready for the Roller Derby?

Not quite but she had a ton of fun at her friend Kylie’s birthday party!  Kylie and Caty met in the 3 year old preschool class.  I had Hanna with me so I told Caty that she’d have to manage by herself.  Thankfully Kylie’s older sisters and their friends helped her out but soon enough she was skating (ok walking because they turned the wheels so they pretty much didn’t go around). 

Caty getting some help from Avery


Hanna and Payton (Kylie’s little sister) having some fun of their own


Caty, Aubrey, Kylie, Kylie’s cousin Taylor, and Maddy

004 005 006

Aubrey doing great!


The girls are off for more skating


Caty and Aubrey


She’s doing it!!

010 011

Watching their big sissy’s!

 012 016

The birthday girl!

017 018


Happy Birthday Kylie!  So glad that you and Caty are such good friends!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Cary roller skating brought tears to my eyes! She looks so happy that she can do it! What a sweetie!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Meant Caty! Lol. Pressed an "r" instead if a "t".

The Wymer Clan said...

Good job Caty! She looked like she was having a ball out there!

Caden and Mommy said...

SO! Cute! Its been a long time since I've seen a good 'ol traditional pair of roller skates. Caty's smile is so infectious! I cant help but smile every time I see it :o)

Emily Camenga said...

Yeah Caty!! Great job! Seamus had a blast at his friend's roller-skating party...although the next morning he did tell me, "Mom, my heiny really hurts!" I think he spent as much time on his bum as he did on his feet!

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