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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LPA Holiday Parties….

Our LPA Chapter’s holiday party is one of our biggest events each year – it’s always a fabulous time with friends.

We’re ready to go


Getting some help from Flat Stanley


Hai and Jude posing


Hanna working on a snowman


Caty and Mary


Santa came!!


Bradley getting his present


Caty getting hers


Hanna telling Santa that she wants a scooter for Christmas


Caty, Hanna and Josie


Caty and Aidan


My friend Rachel (of Rachel Cameron Photography) came to the event was available to take family pictures…turned out that it was a great idea to have her there – she got some great pictures!

46 49 Untitled-2

Now if you noticed from my title, I said PARTIES….

The Bay Area LPA Chapter was having their Holiday Party on Sunday December 11th and it just so happened that my cousin’s holiday party was on the 10th so Caty and I spent the night at my aunts house.  Growing up in the Bay Area and now living only about an hour and half from parts of the Bay Area, allows up to visit (although since my parents moved, we have only been back a couple of times). 

We had a quick get together in the morning with a childhood friend of mine, Juan, and his wife Elaine.  Then headed to Moraga were the LPA Party was taking place.  It took quite a bit longer to get there than my phone told me it would – took over 45 minutes, not the 30 that it said, Oh well….we were fashionably late.  Caty was excited to see her friends Jos and Airah.

Santa showed up on a firetruck


Waiting patiently


Getting her present from Santa

 006 008

Patiently waiting AGAIN


Jos got her present


As did Airah


The girls


Tearing into their gifts


Caty got a water bottle that she could color herself – great gift Santa!!


This was the first time that we had ever attending an event hosted by the Bay Area chapter (except for a regional) however we know several of the families.  And our District Director was in attendance and came up to me and asked “are you THE Jaime Murphy?”  I guess I should feel privileged he knew me and that I’m that well known.  We had a great time and hope to join in again soon. 


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