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Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Woman’s Daybook – January 23rd 2012

For today – January 23rd 2012

Outside my window… the rain has finally slowed.  It was POURING when I dropped Caty off at school this morning :-(

I am thinking… about how I could have just one more cup of coffee – I’m cold!!

I am thankful for… friends and family!

In the kitchen…  coffee is finished…dishes washed and put away…so not much going on

I am wearing… jeans and a sweatshirt – trying to keep warm.

I am creating… Boards on Pinterest – such fun!!

I am going to… hopefully start watching another child.  Met with a family of a 7 month old yesterday – think that it went well, just waiting to hear from them about what they’ve decided to do.  They have only had family watch their little girl so this is a big step. 

I am reading…  still nothing but wanting to start the Twilight series soon – been looking over Girl Scout stuff (lots of reading material) and needing to get this troop going. 

I am hoping… to get this job watching the little girl.

I am hearing…  the wind and rain outside…Hanna playing with her toys.

Around the house… Hanna is playing, I’m catching up on posting blogs, the cat can’t decide if he wants in or out…

A few plans for the rest of the week…  Watching a friend of Caty’s before and after school as his dad is out of town helping her big sister move to LA.  Dropping my parents car off at the airport as they come home from Maui tonight.  Hoping I’ll be watching Ciena and Nolan a day or two.  Friday night I’m heading out with some girlfriends to hear my favorite band play at Stoney’s.  Saturday is beer bottling day so we’ll head over to our friends house for that. 

A picture that I’m sharing… here’s the IPA that is fermenting.  Yes, there’s a lot of chunky stuff in there but that gets strained out.  Can’t wait to try it!!



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