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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pump It Up Fieldtrip

Caty’s preschool class took a fieldtrip to a bounce house place called Pump It Up. I wasn’t sure how she was going to do, but she managed pretty well. One of her teachers offered to crawl through the obstacle course with her and another parents took her down the HUMONGOUS slide. Luckily, for Miss Susan, once through the obstacle course was enough for Caty, but once she got a taste of the slide, she went back for more and more. After being helped up by the parent, Caty was able to do it all by herself and must have done it 15 times. She and her classmates had a great time!

Making her way up the HUMONGOUS slide
Here she comes! I told you it was a HUGE slide!

Shooting hoops


Emily said...

Wow! that place looks like so much fun! Way to go Caty, for navigating that huge slide all by yourself!

Greene Family said...

What a blast! Caty is so cute with her big smiles all of the time! I can imagine how much fun she had on that huge slide and how fun it must have been to watch her!

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