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Friday, May 29, 2009

Caty's New Room

With Hanna arriving soon, we moved Caitlyn into her new room and she’s really loving it! My mom came up in the end of April and she and Caty painted the room. When they first started painting, my mom said that my dad thought that Caty would only last about 10 minutes painting – well she painted for a good hour, took a break and came back again later to help. You’ll notice from the pictures that her area to paint was the inside of the closet – better safe than sorry. Here are a few pictures from the painting weekend.

My mom then found a chair rail to go around the room and she painted it for us.

My dad built Caty a dresser for her room – actually a second one because the one that was in her previous room was also built by my dad. He had built the first one before she was born and diagnosed with Achondroplasia, so the size of the dress was just a tad too big for Caty. This second dress is now the perfect height for her!

Here’s a picture of the first dresser, which will be Hanna’s. Notice how I have to take the picture from outside of the room – the room is 10x10 and the dresser takes up almost 8 feet of the wall.

Now here is a picture of Caty’s new and appropriately sized dresser:

Then one evening around 5:00, Caty decided that she wanted to move into her new room that night. So we moved the essentials in and then slowly moved the rest of her things into the room.

Here’s the finished product, minus the pictures on the wall, which I hope Scott will get up this weekend:

ps - I went back to blogger to post this post because I really want to get it done and I'm not getting anywhere with Windows Live Writer. I'll have to work on that some more.


Emily said...

Caty's new room is beautiful! I just love that castle rug - where di you find it? The furniture your dad built is amazing, he is very talented!

Laura Wolf said...

Love Caty's new room. Her grandpa did a nice job on the dresser. He should take special orders.

Greene Family said...

Caty is the cutest little painter! I love her new room - so adorable! I bet she feels like a princess in her new room! I showed my hubby the dresser that your dad built, and we are hoping to build something similar for Simon's new room soon - love the previous dresser that he built too!

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