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Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook – November 5th 2010

FOR TODAY – November 15th 2010

Outside my window...  there is a sea of leaves that I know the girls will have fun playing in.  Maybe tomorrow since it’s quite breezy outside today. 

I am thinking...  about the blog posts that I need to get working on.  Have a few, including one about a psycho cat and it’s not even Jinx, our cat.  

I am thankful for...  the fact that Caty’s T&A is done and she seems to be sleeping better already.  Hoping that she goes back to school tomorrow. 

I am wearing... capris and a t-shirt

I am creating... not much – thinking about gifts the girls can make for the grandparents for Christmas. 

I am going...  out tonight for Bunco with the ladies!

I am reading... The Time Traveler's Wife – by Audrey Niffenegger – hey Jenn G, I’m almost done!  About time huh?  I’ll send it to you when I finish it. 

I am hoping... to win tonight – at least in one of the catergories – most Bunco’s, most wins, most losses or travelor – I don’t really care which one. 

I am hearing... nothing – both girls are napping – YAY!!

Around the house...  not much going on – Caty is now up and watching a show (spoke too soon about the statement above), but Hanna is still napping.

One of my favorite things... is finding really cools apps for my Droid. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…  Bunco tonight; Caty going back to school tomorrow (hopefully); nothing on Wednseday; Thursday night I’m kicking off my birthday weekend by heading out with some girlfriends to hear my friends band, the Chris Gardner Band play; Friday is my birthday and we’re heading to my parents for dinner.  They are going to keep the girls for the night and Scott and I are gonna go and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Saturday morning I have an LPA Officers mtg, then off to get the girls and back home again.  Whew – gonna cram a lot in this week!

A picture that I am sharing... I love these little piggies!



Greene Family said...

Fall leaves = so much fun!
I'm so glad that Caty's surgery went so well and that she is feeling better now!
Did you come up with any Christmas gift ideas for the girls to make? I was just trying to think of things for the boys to make the other day . . . haven't come up with anything good just yet.
Hope you won something at Bunco night!
Haha - yay for almost finishing the book! :) I'm sure you will finish it much quicker than me as I have a tough time even keeping up with blogs lately. Thanks again for letting me borrow the book when you are done!!
What a busy week! So happy that you had a great time celebrating your birthday! Happy Birthday Jaime!!
Aww - love those little piggies too! Miss you all!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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