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Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback Friday – November 5th 2010

Here is my Flashback Friday post.  This was in July of 2006.  Caitlyn was 16 months and we were in San Francisco celebrating my Great Aunt Naomi’s 90th birthday.  She’s still doing well – even goes line dancing a few times a week – yes at the age of 94.  Gotta love it!!
My dad holding Caty, my Uncle Bill (my dad’s brother) behind me, my Aunt Claudia (my dad’s sister) next to me, Great Aunt Naomi and my mom. 
DSC02786 DSC02787 DSC02780
DSC03150 DSC03147 DSC03149


Kim said...

Oh love her to pieces! She went from gorgeous baby to gorgeous girl! God Bless your aunt. I hope I can go dancing at 94.

Kim said...

Ok just read your other two posts also-Wordless Wednesday-exactly-there are no words to describe how adorable they are! And the Tahoe pics! I meant to tell you (I feel awful I forgot) that Pres got Caty's postcard. Her handwriting is magnificent! Can she help Pres? Miss you guys!!!

Greene Family said...

Love baby Caty pictures! She's too cute in the peek-a-boo picture!
Wow - your great aunt is awesome still line dancing a few times a week! God Bless her!

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