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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Carnival

Caty’s school threw a Fall Carnival on Saturday October 30th.  Scott brought her over as Hanna was napping.  She and I joined them for about 20 minutes at the end.  Caty had a ton of fun and won so many prizes – ok so they got prizes just for participating in each of the booths.

She put together her costume this year, straight from her dress up box.  She said she wanted to wear her puffy skirt and be a ballerina – how easy was that! 


Doing some putty




Bean Bag toss


Send daddy with the camera and these are the only pics that I got.  They were having too much fun to get more pictures. 


Melissa Swartley said...

Sooo much fun!!! I love her outfit for the day too! So cute!!!

Kim said...

I love that she chose her own outfit! She is too cute! I am catching up on your posts and that Wordless Wednesday from last week with Caty and Jinx is too funny! I am also so excited that Hanna's surgery was such a success! YAY! for clear eyes. I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful we have gotten the chance to meet. Your friendship is a treasure!

Greene Family said...

How fun!! I love Caty's costume, especially since she picked it out herself! She's just adorable!

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