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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Out They Came!

November 9th Caitlyn had her tonsils and adenoids taken out and it’s already made a world of difference.  She went from snoring like a freight train to sleeping peacefully. 
Getting ready
Almost time
She was wheeled off and we headed to the waiting room.  Scott and I took turns walking the hallways with Hanna.  About an hour later, Dr Rubinstein came out and told us that the surgery was over and she was just starting to wake up.  If you’ve been around kids coming out of anesthesia, it’s not fun.  Caty was very disoriented for awhile and her throat hurt (kinda obvious  seeing as she’s just had 2 things removed, although they had to put a breathing tube in, so add that soreness in).  Although not 5 minutes after waking up, she was asking for popsicles.
Here she is with popsicle #1 of I think about 8 she had while were there. 
We had talked to Dr Rubinstein about the possibility of going home that same day.  He agreed to have her admitted with being monitored and if by 4:00 she was eating, drinking and doing fine, she could go home.  We originally thought that we’d be spending the night, so our plans we’d figured out for the day kinda when down the drain.  After the surgery I was going to take Hanna home so she could have lunch and take a nap.  Well, she fell asleep during the time that Caty was still in recovery.  Luckily Hanna slept for almost an hour in the stroller.  We decided to skip plan A and just hang out.  Hanna had fun playing around Caty’s room and of course taking lots of walks up and down the children’s wing. 
Caty wanted to go and check out the kids room so the girls and I ventured over there while Scott went to get us some lunch.  This was maybe 2 hours after her surgery.  Such a trooper!
Hanging out watching some tv
Finally around 3:30ish, I took Hanna home.  Caty was discharged about an hour later.  YAY!! 
Her recovery went great.  She obviously was in lots of pain and we were very thankful for the Tylenol with Codeine.  We chose this particular week to have the surgery because the school was out of Thursday and Friday for Veterans Day.  I had requested Independent Study for the following week if it was needed, but she was well enough to return to school on Tuesday, just one week post-op! 
We’ve already noticed an improvement in her sleeping.  She hardly makes any noises anymore.  We won’t mind sharing a room with her anymore. 
Here she is just 2 days after surgery running around the backyard.  :-)
044 013 018 020 030 038
Thanks to those of you that sent get-well cards and gifts!  She loved them and they have kept her busy! 


Emily said...

Wow, Caty is awesome! So glad to hear everything went so well. The picture of her and Hanna watching tv in the hospital together is so cute! Seamus was also very lucky to have a quick and easy recovery from his tonsillectomy. Hopefully this means many more well-rested nights for her!

Caden and Mommy said...

Caty is AMAZING! What a trooper I am still amazed how quickly she recovered. Her pink headband is adorable :)

Greene Family said...

Caty - you are awesome!! That is fantastic that she did so great with the recovery! Her and Hanna watching tv together in the hospital bed is so sweet!
The pictures of Caty and Hanna playing with the bubbles are so adorable! Looks like they were having the time of their lives!
Glad Caty's sleeping has improved so much so quickly!

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