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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We’ve had some great CA weather ( and of course some not so great CA weather lately).  We took advantage of the sunny days and spent some time playing in the backyard.

Hanna testing out grass for the first time – didn’t seem to phase her at all.  Let’s hope that the sand doesn’t bother her while we’re in Maui. 

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Jinx had to get in a picture too!

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Can you see my tooth in there?


Swing, batter batter, swing batter!


Hasn’t the coach told you to keep your eyes on the ball!


Maybe she’s ready for tennis, instead of baseball!

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Such determination!


A good example of how she DOESN’T STAND STILL!!


And on another day we took a walk to the park and the girls enjoyed some swinging. 

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We’re ready for summer!!


Destini said...

Love the Caty action shots! So glad you are having good weather to get those girls out of the house!

Yiannakis Family said...

Love all the pictures, as always, especially how determined Caty is throwing the ball! Great picture of Hannah's new tooth too and wow, can't believe she's growing so fast! Hope the girls like the beach, but don't worry if Hannah doesn't like the sand. Jaxson absolutely hated the feeling of sand last year, but loved the beach so he spent most of the day in a bucket! It was quite cute!!

Emily said...

Fun pictures! Seamus will love the baseball shots! I love Caty's sun hat, where did you get it? I am having the hardest time finding sun hats, and summer has not even arrived yet! The girls are looking so much alike!

Lisa said...

I love the baseball pictures. She looks like she's having soo much fun! We're finally getting outdoors here in the midwest after a brutal winter and it's awesome.

Ever Changing said...

Oh how I love all the pictures! Especially watching Caty attempting to play baseball!
Seeing both girls in their hats reminds me that I need to find some new ones for Lilah this year! The girls look so cute and love Hanna's little tooth popping out!

The Wymer Clan said...

Love the pics of Caty playing baseball! And those pics of the girsl together with their hats are way too cute! Glad you are enjoying the outside time, I know I'm loving being able to kick the girls outside to play here!

Melissa Swartley said...

Great pictures! I just love all those smiles! Oh my goodness, a tooth!!! So exciting!!!

Greene Family said...

I love the pictures of Caty and Hanna in their sun hats - beautiful girls! How exciting that Hanna has her first tooth! The action shots of Caty playing baseball are awesome too, especially the one of her sticking her tongue out as she goes to swing at the ball! It looks like you gals had a great day at the park too!
Ahh . . . Maui! Have any room in your suitcase? :) I hope Hanna likes the sand!

Kim said...

I don't know if I have told you lately how gorgeous the girls are! I just love them in their bucket hats. LOVE the pic of Hanna yawning. I am so jealous you are off to Maui. I would love a vacation. It appears Nashville may be off the table. I am almost 70% sure I will be contracting for a townhouse (new construction) so that will be eating up my finances since I have furniture to buy to fill up more rooms than were in my NY apt.
Go Caty with the baseball! She can't sit still huh? Hummmmmm I know someone like that.

Caden and Mommy said...

What FUN pictures! I love the ones of Caty playing baseball. Yeah for sunshine weather ... can't wait to meet you and Caty in real life :0)

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