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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Watch Snickers Grow

We adopted Snickers on January 5th and it's amazing how much she's grown.  Thankfully she's slowed down and weighs only 45 lbs (the same weight 2 months in a row).  I know some people couldn't understand why we would want to adopt a pitbull but we're here to prove to them that pits are great dogs.

Waiting in line to take this cutie home

She was so tiny!

Once a lap dog...always a lap dog

Hanna talking her on a walk

Jinx isn't sure about this new creature in the house

Even the puppy uses a stool in this house

The soccer ball when it looked like a soccer ball (kind of)

Please can I sleep in here?

Off to pick Hanna up from preschool


See...more stool time

Showing her patience 

Chilling with Cam

Catching bubbles

Sleepy dog

This is what happens when I try to exercise with the dog around

This is when I was doing squats

And this during planking

See...still a lap dog!!

Lots of walks

Walking in the hills by my parents

Making sure the girls are ok when swimming

The sprinkler ball has survived - as many of you thought it wouldn't

Supervising Caty while she cleans her bike

Watching for something

Snickers new crate - which fits all 3 kids!!


Hmm...looks like the above pic just with a different animal

Snickers home for the week we headed to San Diego for the LPA National Convention

Snickers is a joy to have.  She's loving, smart, goofy and definitely a crazy puppy!  She's now 10 months old and thankfully has slowed down in her weight gain.  Since we adopted her in January she was gaining 6-8 pounds a month but the last 2 months she's actually lost a lb and has topped out at 45 lbs.  We'll see what happens next time we bring her in for her flea/heartworm med.  We were hoping to hit the 50 lbs mark so we could order more than one month at a time online but she still hasn't reached that - so we'll see.  

Hope that you'll get to meet her someday!


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