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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here are some highlights from the first half of 2014


Our newest member - Snickers (she was so tiny then - all 13 lbs or something like that when we adopted her)

Caty made it into an LPA Today Magazine

 We got to meet our newest cousin Wyatt


LPA Valentine's Event

Achievement Award

Enjoying the sunshine!

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!


Caty turned 9

Before braces

After braces

Lots and lots of cookie sales

Even I dressed up in the Cookie Costume

Picture with Snickers

Picture day at preschool

Hanna and her friends

Hanna and her best friend Lilly

Pancake breakfast at school

This is when you know you have an awesome staff at school - the kids paid a dollar for a strip of duct tape and taped Mrs Seffens (the Vice Principal) to the cafeteria wall!

Annual checkup for Caty and her friend Aidan at Kaiser's Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic

Hanna being silly

Caty as Elizabeth Blackwell


Field trip with Hanna's preschool to Wacky Tacky and CAty found a Sunrise Kids Club shirt that fit her too

LPA Easter Event

Made a trip to Chico and had lunch with Maddie as well as some family and the mom of the kids I used to Nanny for in Chico (many many years ago)

Stopped by Chico State

Easter morning

Headed to the Bay Area to spend Easter with my family

Hanna and cousin Ella staying cool in the bird bath

Hanna with cousin Wyatt

Love these kiddos!

Family picture

Even bigger family picture

Welcome aboard!!

Park time with Claire

And park time with Lilly

This picture cracks me up!

Park day with school friends during Spring Break

We said goodbye until we see you again to Cam and her family as they were moving


Showing our support for our friends with OI on Wishbone Day

Open House

What a fun, crazy idea!

Caty's Jog-A-Thon

Hanna's Trike-A-Thon

First swim of the year in Nana and Papa's pool

Celebrating Hanna's birthday a few days early before Nana and Papa left for San Diego

Last day of preschool 

Preschool Graduation 

Leader Daughter Girl Scout event - planting trees

Caty with her friend Karlie and Emma

With our friends

Yep...our big lap dog

Caty decided she wanted her ear pierces

Hanna found some play glasses

Her special day at school

Caty and her BFF Isabella

I did the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in memory of my friend Sandy who lost her battle with breast cancer

Visiting out friends, the Traubs, at their new house out in the country

Visited Cam and Jen at their new house

At the park with Lilly

More swimming

And this leads up to summertime....


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