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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Preschool Field Trips

The coolest wall teaching about gravity but mainly the kids thought it was cool to see the balls and scarves get sucked into the tubes, twisted around and about and then shoot out the end

Working the counter at the French grocery store

Hanna's friend Cami and Payton working together (well they are attached at the hip being cousins/best friends and all)

My little artis

So much fun to paint on the walls!!

Gearing up for some water play

Got just a tad bit wet

More art time

And some pictures from a trip to Wacky Tacky (which happened to be during Spring Break so Caty got to join in)

And last up an "End of the Year Trip to the Park"

With Cami and Payton

Caty wasn't feeling well so she lucked out and got to come with us - although she was a little mad that I wouldn't let her run around and play - go figure!!

Cutie pie Noah

Hanna and Miss Susan

Hanna and Miss Maggie

Hanna and Zoey

The whole class singing Happy Birthday to Hanna


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