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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

April Shenanigans

Things we did in April

What is it about book baskets and kids in our house

Princess Hanna

Backyard fun!

Me and my girls

Made Cake Pops (one of her bday presents) 

And had friends here to celebrate!

Catching bugs

For you mommy!

Working on her puzzle

My girls

Helping lick (I mean make) daddy's birthday cupcakes

Caty's annual Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic visit

Caty and Aidan (friends since they were 4 months old)

It's not all seeing doctors - there's a cool playroom too!

See...she really does pout!!

Out for a hike while daddy was playing a tennis match

Helped Claire celebrate her birthday

Fun playdate with Kayla


Jennifer Scott said...

Love how you capture all of the "moments" :)

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