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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Caty and Hanna's New Bathroom

If you can remember back to December when we were granted a wish from 98.5 Rock here in Sacramento to have the bathroom redone to better meet Caty's needs....here's my facebook status about it.  

Well the radio station came out late in December along with a contractor by the name of Josh Hermann who would be building a vanity that would better suit Caty's needs.  This meant getting the plastic step-stools out of the bathroom (at least the one by the sink) that was always in the way when the door needed closing, etc.

After Josh and John Nelson (98.5's Promotion Director) left we were a tiny bit discouraged because we weren't going to be getting a completely new bathroom as we thought.  That's when Maggie Williams (the director of Hanna's preschool and where Caty went) stepped in and said that her husband worked for a tile company and they would like to donate all of the tile we would need.  AND then another friend of ours, who sells stone and grout sealer, offered to supply us with the sealer we would need for the tile.  Of course my dad offered his tiling skills to install everything.  AND a huge thanks to Jen for nominating us!  Things were falling into place.  

Here are a couple of before pictures...

So back in April Josh delivered and installed the new vanity, which sits at about 31 inches at the countertop (compared to the regular height of 36 inches) and it has a two step step-stool that rolls in and out of the vanity so it can be out of the way at times.

The old vanity before it left

New vanity is in - obviously before he put in sink in

There we go...

Caty and Josh - he did a fantastic job!!

So fast forward a until just recently....

Scott and my dad started construction a week after school got out of Scott and a week after my parents got home from Maui.

What our garage looked like during construction

Floor tiles are in

Enlisted some painters

Almost done




Noelle Reese said...

It looks AWESOME!! <3

Joanna Varga said...

I'm so glad it all came together so beautifully! Great Job! Enjoy.

Fred Richardson said...
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Fred Richardson said...

When reading this article, I never expected to see such an awesome idea come to life. The vanity idea is wonderful. It could actually work in almost any bathroom anywhere. I like the steps that pull out so there isn't space taken up like you had to deal with before. Whoever came up with this idea has got my vote. Love this!

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