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Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Fun

Hanna cooling off at her friend Zoey's birthday party

The birthday girl staying cool

This kid cracks me up!

Caty and her 2nd grade teacher at Field Day

Hard to believe that 2nd grade is done

Park day with her class

Caty and her friend Riley Reh

Hanna fell at the park and has a hairline fracture in her wrist

My friends - the Chris Gardner Band - played a show in El Dorado Hills at the Friday Night Concert in the Park.  The girls and I braved the 100+* weather and had a great time

Just a tad bit sweaty so a Shaved Ice sure helped and kept them busy for 45 minutes!

The only way to eat it with a cast one!

We spent the night at my parents and went swimming the next morning - cast and all!

That's a big splash!

Our annual LPA Event at Land Park

Finally got to meet my friend Mika whom I've known online for about 2 years now yet we've never met in person

Fun with the Sprinkler Ball (totally out of order of events because you'll notice that Hanna's arm is cast free)

More swimming - GO HANNA!!

Hanna's birthday and our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium will get their own posts :-)


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