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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Labor Day weekend at the cabin

We headed to my family's cabin for Labor Day weekend.  Scott's best friend from growing up, Al and his wife Jayme and their two girls, Emily and Ava met us there.  Such a busy, fun and tiring weekend.  

I'll let the pictures show you all the fun we had!!
Hanna and her Pinecrest shirt!

Almost there!!

The beautiful road I've been traveling on my whole life...

Brought out the good old Tonka truck

Hanna had fun with the army guys

A book and a box of Wheat thins

Brr...the lake was too cold for the adults!!

4 silly girls!!

Cute photo opt and yes Emily is aiming for the chair!

This pinecone was almost half the size of Caty!

Attempt at their names in the sand

Hanna found a baby ladybug - she can find ladybugs anywhere!

Family picture

Group picture before heading home


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