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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Camping We Will Go...

We spent a weekend in July camping with friends....and when I say friends I mean that there were 25 of us!!  Yes you read that right!!  I found a group site at Long Ravine Campground at Rollins Lake that cost us only $100 per night.  So with 7 families each night we really couldn't have found anywhere less expensive!

My best friend Michelle and her family came (her boyfriend - now fiancé Josh, his two kids, Michelle's son David and a friend of Josh's daughter).  The Traub family came - you've probably seen them in posts before - Scott and Garrett play tennis together, wife Karen and daughter Claire who is Hanna's age.  Heidi and Logan - Logan and Caty were in the same 1st grade class together.  Another friend Ryan....as well as a few other families.

The kids had fun playing in the dirt, swimming in the lake, riding on the boat, making crafts....the list goes on and on.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story

Hanna wasn't feeling great during the weekend and crashed hard in the tent for a late afternoon nap - a MUCH needed late afternoon nap!


Caty and Heid playing UNO

More card games

Me and my VErY DIRTY Hanna


Found some dirt to play in

Cleaning off in the lake

Logan and Connor ready to jump off the dock

Logan's ready for the slide

Karen and Garrett


The girls jumping off the dock

Off for a boat ride

Hanna manning the flag

Caty and Scott tubing

Our friend Garrett tubing - Justin the driver wasn't so nice about Garretts ride - kept trying to flip him out of the tube

He managed to stay on though

Hanna and I jumped in the lake to cool down

Garrett taking Caty out to the dock

She decided to try the slide

She LOVED it!

Caty, Logan and Connor - silly boys!

Nice hair Hanna!!

Caty and Logan - check out that "I've been camping for 2 days" hair

Me and my best friend Michelle - we've known each other since we were 3.  The Sunday of our trip was Michelle's birthday - I surprised her by making cupcakes for Saturday night.  Over the years we have been able to spend her birthday in some pretty cool places - most recently 2010 we were in Nashville, in 1994 we were in Paris and countless bday parties growing up.  

What a great weekend!!


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