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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sprinkler Fun!

The girls took advantage of the sprinklers on one of our 100+ degree days.  Caty sure impressed us because last summer she would have nothing to do with getting her face wet.

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Kerri said...

nothing better than summer fun!!

Emily said...

Love these pictures! The girls look adorable! Nothing like some sprinkler fun!

Kim said...

Just read the past two blog posts. First of all funny that Preston this year started to get his face wet and swim underwater. Last summer he'd run out of the water and dry his face off immediately. The pictures from Hannah's party and this post made me sad I won't be seeing you. Just know that you are close to my heart always. I love you-thank you for being such and amazingly wonderful friend to me.

Greene Family said...

What great fun! Adorable pictures of your pretty girls!!

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