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Friday, June 24, 2011

Our 2 Year Old

So it’s been a few weeks since our little Hanna turned 2.  I just can’t believe she’s that old already – wasn’t I just facebooking while in labor – yes, I’m a mom, I can multi-task :-)
My mom ordered this adorable Minnie House dress
011 013 015
Just 2 friends came over, as well as my parents and Aunt Claudia
Lunch time
Caty and Avery
Hanna and Claire
Claire trying out Hanna’s Piggie Bank
Avery singing us a song
Presents time
Sissy got her a chair
031 032
A new backpack from Auntie Claudia (Claire also got Hanna a backpack filled with goodies)
Giving her Minnie Mouse a hug – through the box
  037 038
Avery trying the chair out
Opening Nana and Papa’s gift
WOOHOO!!  A train set – and I know you can’t see it but most of the stuff is pink
042 043 045
Singing Happy Birthday

048 049  056 058 059054
Me and my girls
Family picture
064 066 072
Hugs for Auntie Claudia
073 075
Checking herself and Minnie out in the mirror
077 080
Hanna and Nana
With Nana and Papa
Hanna’s gift from Tutu (Scott’s mom), Grandpa Mark, Auntie Christine, Uncle Cliff and Desiree
Needless to say they both love it
088 092 094 096
Her easel from Mommy and Daddy
Such a tiring but fun day!!  Fell asleep in the living room and didn’t even wake up while I changed her diaper for bed
099 100


Yiannakis Family said...

Awww, such sweet pictures at the end. You know it was a fabulous party when they are so sound asleep at the end of the day. Love the Minnie Mouse dress, Hanna looks so precious! Happy 2nd Birthday Hanna!!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Hanna! That Minnie dress is just precious! It looks like a wonderful party for a special girl. Yay for being 2!!

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - that video is TOO Cute!! Just love Hanna's smile and excitement with everyone singing to her!! Love both of your girls - they are just so sweet!! Adorable pictures too!!
It looks like Hanna had a fantastic 2nd birthday! Love her Minnie Mouse dress! How cute that most of her train set is pink! My boys would go crazy over that water table - very cool!
Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Hanna!! Sending birthday hugs your way (a little late)!

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