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Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday – June 10th 2011

Flashing back to previous June 10th

2010 – enjoyed a morning at a local park with some good friends


Caty and Izabel

050 056

Caty and Zacky



2009 – Hanna was just 5 days old


100_6987 100_6995

2008 – our LPA Land Park event

Caty and Ashleigh playing football


Caty and Daddy checking out the anteater


Caty and Nana posing with the giraffe

100_5185 100_5187

Such a tiring day!


2007 – Nana and Papa playing with Caty at the Little Gym

 100_2488 100_2494 100_2503 100_2506 100_2508


DSC03032 DSC03030

2005 – Chilling in her rocking chair

222 218



Greene Family said...

So many fun and sweet pictures! I love that picture of Caty kissing Hanna's forehead when she was just 5 days old - so precious!! You guys have had a lot of fun on June 10th over the years!

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