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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tea parties, Peek-a-boo and More

Come and join in on the fun!

Caty is well known for her tea parties – and she doesn’t disappoint!





Hanna loves playing peek-a-boo!

063 065   

Terrorizing Jinx – he’s quite tolerant though – thankfully!


Some playtime in the backyard


Taking sis for a spin


What came I get into now? 


Thankfully Hanna doesn’t care where she crawls – grass, dirt, sidewalks, Verizon stores (we spent about 30 minutes waiting for our turn and she wanted down, so I put her down.  She was happy as a lark!)  Let’s just hope that she likes crawling, or at least the feel of sand while we’re in Maui. 



Greene Family said...

Do you have room in your suitcase for me?? I still have about three years to go before making it back to Maui yet.
Caty and Hanna are just too cute!! Caty by far throws the best tea parties I have ever seen! Hanna is adorable playing peek-a-boo! I love the pictures of Caty taking Hanna for a spin and the last one of Hanna!

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