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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – May 17th

FOR TODAY – May 17th

Outside my window...  I can hear the birds singing, but unfortunately it’s supposed to rain today – I’m ready for summer!!

I am thinking...  about a friend on Facebook who I had befriended – her daughter who is due in 10 weeks or so is thought to have Thanatophoric dysplasia – a lethal type of skeletal dysplasia.

I am thankful for... the wonderful POLP’s and other LPA friends that I have met over the past 5 years!  Love you all!!

From the kitchen... not much is going on in there today.

I am wearing...  jeans and a fleece blue sweatshirt-  come on it’s Mid-May, I should be in short sleeves and capris

I am creating...  well, at least needing to… a headband for Hanna to wear for her 1st birthday which is on June 5!  It feels like just yesterday that I was laying in the hospital, during my almost 19 hour labor, Facebooking and all of you thinking I was nuts.  :-)

I am going...  TO NASHVILLE IN JUST 45 DAYS!!  YEEHAW!!!

I am reading... Last Kiss by Luanne Rice

I am hoping... that my friend, from the above “I am thinking…” gets good news today from the results of her amnio.

I am hearing...  the Zac Brown Band on the tv – I’m watching/listening to their tv special “Pass The Jar.”

Around the house...  all is quiet, except for the above mentioned.  Hanna is napping, although I probably just jinxed it and she’ll wake up soon – an hour nap is a good thing though.

One of my favorite things...  is my Swiffer SweeperVac – no more bending down with the dustbuster. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…  Today is Caty’s special day at school, and we have speech this afternoon – last time.  Tomorrow we’re having lunch with our friend Jenny and her daughter Avery.  No plans on Wednesday besides Caty going to school.  Thursday we have playgroup at our house.  Friday is another school day for Caty.  Saturday I’m heading down to my parents, without Scott or the girls, so I can help them with packing – after living in this house for almost 35 years, they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.  Sunday afternoon I’ll be coming back home.

A picture that I am sharing...

Caty and her tea parties!!



Greene Family said...

I love that picture of Caty! What a party!!
I am so thankful for all of the POLPs and LPA friends that I have met too!
Wow - a year old already?! Time flies too quickly! Haha - I do remember you Facebooking while in labor with Hanna!
Yeehaw!! I can't wait to meet you and Caty in Nashville!! Do you know where you are staying now?
Good luck with the packing! 35 years is a long time in one place!

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