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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scooter time

Caty recently got a scooter and LOVES it!  She mastered it within a day or so!  No it wasn’t a Princess scooter but she’s moved on and got a Barbie one!  It came with a little Barbie bag that hangs on the front, but that got in the way so it came off.  No worries boys, there was one for you too, just can’t remember who was on the scooter.  This was the only one that we found that had an adjustable handlebar – so it’s obviously in the lowest spot, but it’s perfect!

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The Wymer Clan said...

Yeah for scooter rides! She looks like she's having an absolute ball on it!

Emily said...

Way to go Caty! Great scootin'!

Melisa said...

Caty looks adorable on her scooter!

Kim said...

That is awesome! I think I should think about that for Pres in addition to his bike. It's really awesome leg exercise too! Caty looks so happy. I just love her big smiles. She really made my Monday morning!

Greene Family said...

So cute - she looks like she has a blast on her scooter! She has such a pretty smile!! Simon wants a scooter now too! :)
Less than 6 weeks to go!!

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