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Friday, January 8, 2010

Visiting Nana and Papa’s

Caty got to spend a few days with Nana and Papa.  She headed down to Redwood City on Wednesday for some quality time with my parents.  My mom took her to Coyote Point Museum on Thursday where they spent some time looking around. 

Hanna and I headed down on Friday for a couple of days with my parents. 

Hanna and Nana


Caty was helping Papa with some sweeping then decided that she wanted to rake the leaves on the ground.  That’s when she discovered that there were 3 leaves left on the tree, which she HAD to get. 

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Sunday morning we were up early and dropped my parents off at the San Francisco airport as they were heading to their condo in Maui.  Such a bummer to drop them off and drive ourselves into the fog.  We’ll be traveling with them to Maui soon enough though. 


Destini said...

Did Caty get the 3 leaves? Cute pictures! Glad she had a great time with NaNa and PaPa! It would be a bummer to drop them off to go to Maui!

Stiber Family said...

my bro lives in Maui. He just moved there in September and LOVES it. My mom and dad are taking our older two there in the summer to pick up the cousins for the summer break.

Caden and Mommy said...

Oh, Maui sounds wonderful! Lucky Grandparents! I bet they LOVED having Caty all to themselves. That would be my Mom's dream ... but I haven't left Caden yet ~ I know selfish :0)
She is so cute trying to get those leaves!

Sarah said...

Cute pics!! I think Caty is looking like you!!

Greene Family said...

Too cute - I hope she got the three leaves that were still in the tree! Adorable pictures! I can imagine how much fun your parents had with Caty for a few days! My mom is always asking when we are going to let the boys stay with them for a week or weekend.
That's a tough one! We loved Maui, and every anniversary I countdown til we get to go back (hoping to go back in three years)!

Kim said...

Are you going to Maui soon? LUCKY! So jealous. I would do anything for some warm weather. Caty is just like Preston-those three leaves would annoy him too and he would just have to get them! too funny! She is just a character. Pres and I watch her video on my phone. She is too cute for words and I can listen to her voice all day!

Melissa Swartley said...

Love the pic's! Too cute that Caty had to get those last 3 leaves on the tree! Maui?! I'm with Kim on this one! JEALOUS!!! It's like 15 degrees up and over here! Freezing! What I would do for some beach weather!

TheFiveDays said...

Caty is so cute getting those leaves! Well, not just cute but determined! Look at that face! Go Caty! I hope she got them! And Hanna is getting so BIG. Wow. We were just looking at pictures of Caitlyn & Natalie at Caty's 1st birthday party this morning...Natalie couldn't believe they've known each other for SOOO long! LOL! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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