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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day – it’s a LONG one!


Our morning started bright and earlier as Hanna was up around 6:45, which was good so we were able to be up and ready for Caty when she woke up. Around 7:15 we heard her door open and out she came.  She first headed over the the little table we set up for Santa’s milk and cookies and Rudolph’s carrots.  She was so excited to find a note from Santa – Santa’s handwriting might need to change by next year or Caty might get suspicious. 



Caty showing Hanna Violet – this is the coolest puppy.  Santa’s eves programmed it on the Leapfrog website and it now says Hanna’s name, sings songs about her favorite things and spells her name for her. 

002 010

Caty was super excited to see that Santa brought her a BFC Ink doll names Kaitlin.  Caty saw a commercial for her quite awhile ago and luckily Santa shopped when it was on sale. 



Checking out her stocking – she was thrilled to find a new toothbrush inside – YAY for clean teeth!

007 008 

Some new colored pencils and crayons – as much as she colors, I’m surprised we don’t have to buy them more often. 


“I’ve got my thumb, I’m happy!”


Caty giving Hanna the present that she bought with her own money and wrapped “almost” all by herself.


Some stacking toys – Hanna loved them – went right to chewing on them

017 018 019

My girls


Hanna’s first Christmas


Playing with her toys


This opening presents is FUN!!


Caty got a new Princess book, actually 2 of them.


Caty’s gift that she made in her preschool class for us. 

039 040

Helping open Hanna’s presents


Checking this this out – it’s a Move and Crawl ball – hopefully Hanna will get the idea of it and move and crawl like it says. 

044 048

Checking out her toys

049 050

Mmm, this one tastes good!


Fabric books from Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Bill


She’s somewhat got the idea – except that when it was rolling it kept getting closer and closer to her face and eventually bopped her in the nose.  Thankfully she didn’t cry, but now she flinches when it comes near her face. 


So, all of this happened before about 9:30.  My parents showed up around 10:00 and we were all surprised that Caty didn’t ask for her presents right away.  She wanted to show Nana and Papa everything and then go in her room and play with her Little People Garage – still one of her favorite toys. 

Here she is in Sept of 2006 playing with her.

Sept 19, 2006 008

And again in May of 2009


They finally came out of the room around 10:45 and got to open the presents that my parents brought.  Did my parents fail in the present department?  NEVER!!  They are incredibly generous and of course love spoiling the girls.

Caty got a bright pink Lil Quad that she is just LOVING driving around.  It’s the perfect size and is controlled by a button on the handlebars.  Caty’s got the driving thing down pat.

 063 065 097


She also got a Play-doh Kitchen set


“If You Take A Mouse To the Movies” book and mouse – I just love these books


Some diapers for her dolls – yippee!  More diapers to change!


A new Princess shirt that is way too big and could possibly fit her when she’s 10


A new Strawberry Shortcake movie – A Berry Merry Christmas


Then she got to help open Hanna’s presents – we let her know that this was a one time thing, because next Christmas Hanna will be able to open her own gifts. 


Hanna playing with her Fisher Price Stack n Surprise Blocks Songs n Smiles Sillytown.

069 070 071

Her “BORN TO LOVE NANA” onesies


Just what Hanna wanted – a cover for restaurant high chairs!  YAY!!


She loves her VTech Discovery Nursery Farm



So this was just the first half of the day.  Scott’s dad came down from Reno to join us later in the day.

Caty got a new Strawberry Shortcake playset


And this only shows her opening the gift, but it was a new outfit for Kaitlin the BFC Ink doll to wear.


Hanna was super thrilled, as you can tell, to get a pink phone – although she does enjoy playing with it now.


Here’s what happened after opening presents


But we woke up from dinner and enjoyed a lovely (yeah right!) biter biscuit. 


Some of you might remember this CRAZY house from a post last year.  This year, it was actually featured on TLC’s “Invasion of the Christmas Lights.”

114 115 117

Hanna and Grandpa


Grandpa and the girls


Nana, Papa and the girls



WHEW!!  What a day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun Christmas. Caty is just so cute with helping Hanna! Love the pics. :)


The Wymer Clan said...

Super cute pics! The girls look like they had a great Christmas. I had to laugh at your description of that biscuit, we used to call them "Spackle Sticks" because once that stuff dries you're never getting it clean! :o)

Alex said...

what a great Christmas!!!
Love the quad, it looks like it's the perfect size for her!

Laura Wolf said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Santa sure did a great job getting the girls presents. Hannah and Caty looked like they loved every single one. I loved the little quad for Caty. How adorable she looked with her beautiful smile. Can't wait to meet you guys in nashville.

Emily said...

Wow, what a great Christmas! The girls got some awesome gifts and it looks like they were so excited to receive them! Great pictures as always, the girls look so cute.

The Bankesters said...

Love the girls!

We'll have to get Caty and Ian together for a quad race. I love that thing, it fits and the button is on the handle.

Greene Family said...

Love the pictures - Caty and Hanna are so adorable! Caty always has such a big smile! It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!
Caty's Lil Quad is too cute! Jude got peek-a-boo stacking blocks too and seems to think they are funny! I'll have to check out that Songs and Smiles Sillytown! The gift Caty made you guys is so cute!
Happy New Year!

Melisa said...

That pink quad was totally Caty! What a lovely Christmas they had.

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