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Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas – Part 2 & 3

On the day following Christmas, Scott’s mom – Tutu as the girls call her (Tutu is grandma in Hawaiian), her husband – Grandpa Mark, Scott’s sister, Auntie Christine and her husband, Uncle Cliff drove up from Southern Ca.  They didn’t get into town until around 6:00.  The girls opened their presents, or I guess I should say, Caty opened their presents.  She flew through them so quickly I didn’t get many pictures of the actual “opening” part. 

Caty got a charm bracelet and a Minnie Mouse charm.


YAY an Etch-A-Sketch


A few new games – Honey Bee Tree – super cute, Hungry Hungry Hippos – as annoying as ever, but still fun and Old MacDonald

138 139

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

140 141

I guess I didn’t get any pictures of Caty opening Hanna’s gifts, but Hanna got, unfortunately, a few repeats.  She got Scout, which is Violets cousin or something like that.  She also got the same pink phone and also a Vtech Nursery Rhymes Books that she got from my brother and family back at Thanksgiving.  OOPS!!  So far I’ve returned one of the items and got her this, which she absolutely goes nuts over -


Here are Auntie Christine, Tutu and the girls


Uncle Cliff getting some Hanna time


On Sunday we headed up to spend some time with more of Scott’s family in Orland. 

The girls smiling at each other on the ride up.



We stopped in Chico to lunch – oh how I miss that town!  Sure wish that we could have stayed there after college but there just weren’t any teaching jobs for Scott.  Maybe we can retire there.  As we got into town we stopped at the World Famous Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Just checked out their gift shop – Scott found a new beanie. 


We got sandwiches at one of our favorite places in town – Kona’s.  From here we headed out to Orland.  Wait until you hear how many people were in the house on this given Sunday.  Okay, so the house belongs to Scott's Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Tim.  They have 4 kids – April (mid 20’s), Brian (early 20’s), Sara (13) and Tommy (11).  Scott’s grandma also lives with them.  So to this number of 7 you add the 4 of us, Scott’s mom, Mark, sis and brother-in-law, another 4.  Then Brian’s girlfriend was there +1.  Another one of Scott’s aunts, Pauline came along with her boyfriend, Chuck, her daughter, Priscilla and granddaughter, Mylee (+4).  So if you’ve added correctly this equals 20.  Caitlyn thought it was CRAZY that there were this many in one house.  We had a great afternoon and Charlotte cooked a great dinner of baked macaroni for us.  After dinner we got a few pictures of the 4 generations – Great Grandma, Grandma, Daddy and girls


Mylee trying to give Hanna hugs – at least Hanna was happy about it!


Getting smothered by the girls!


Another long day, but another great one!


Destini said...

First off, ugh, Hungry, Hungry, Hippos is so annoying, my mom got it for Taylor last year and I made sure it stayed at her house! My kids got a Curious George Beach game that is really cute and they love it! Wow, 20 people in one house is crazy! Glad Hanna wasn't overwhelmed!

Greene Family said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend! Bummer about the duplicate gifts for Hanna. Is the toy you got her as a replacement the one that you push the top and the balls spin around?
20 people under one roof is a lot! Caty would really think it was crazy at my parents' house then when there are family gatherings - my mom is one of 11 kids, and I think there are 28 of us grandkids, and I think about 16 great-grandkids!

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