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Monday, December 21, 2009

My “Not So Perfect Angel”

Since none of you think that Caitlyn ever misbehaves, I caught her on video this time and I think that you’ll enjoy it.

She was wanting to watch Caillou and had a few minutes until it came on.  Well she kept asking me and asking me to change the channel.  I told her I would when it was time.  She didn’t like that idea because she then came over and tried to take the remote away from me.  So I told her no Caillou, which she didn’t like at all.  She started yelling at me, so I then told her she would be taking her quiet time in her room that day – she REALLY didn’t like that!  Here’s what happened next.  It’s okay to laugh along with this because I sure was (on the inside at least)!




The Wymer Clan said...

I'll admit it...I am still chuckling! Thanks for posting, if anything, it makes the rest of us feel good that it's not only our kids who do it! :o) Although, really, Kylie could put that mini-fit to shame with some of her tantrums! :o)

The Bankesters said...

Glad to see that I don't have the only dramatic kid. She reminds me so much of Ian it's scary.

Destini said...

Knowing giggles coming from me! I'm with Melissa though, I'm pretty sure that Taylor or Trace could totally teach Caty a thing or two about the proper way to have a tantrum!

Greene Family said...

I had to giggle too! :) We are starting to get this with Simon now when he wears himself out from being such a busy boy. Simon said "oh no!" and I think he thought I was going to take him to his room too - haha! I'll have to show him the reindeer video again!

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