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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas!

We finally got around the getting a Christmas tree a little over a week ago.  Here are some pictures of Caty helping decorate the tree.  She was so excited and we had a great time!

 046 048 050

Caty got a little help from Daddy so she could get the angel on the top of the tree


This is how the angel ended up! :)


What Hanna was doing while we were decorating


What Jinx was doing while we were decorating


060 062 063

Opening an early Christmas present from Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Bill

066 067

Barbara made ornaments for each of the girls.  Caty got some Christmas stampers and Hanna got a pair of reindeer socks. 


We traveled down to the Bay Area for my cousin Greg’s annual Christmas party.  It was great seeing our family that we don’t see very often.  We got to see my cousin Jon, his wife Natalia and their daughter Ella who is just 5 months older than Hanna – yes, lots of babies in our family this year.  We have another cousin (Brooklin and Jon) who also had a baby, a month after Hanna – told you we’ve expanded quite a bit!  Anyways back to the party.  We had seen Ella back in May at my Uncle Barry’s service, but this was under much better circumstances and she just loved Caitlyn.  They live in Southern Ca, so we don’t see much of them, although we sure wished that we did.  Unfortunately Caitlyn hadn’t been feeling great and during the party she was struck with a fever.  We drove a little over an hour to get there and only ended up staying for maybe 2 hours, then drove home.  By the time we got home, her fever was around 102 – poor thing!  She’s still fighting the cough, which unfortunately Hanna has caught.  AHH!!  Enjoy the pictures from the party.

Hanna propped up and checking out her shoe – she loves to eat them


Hugs from Ella


Attempt #1 of a group shot


Attempt #2 – UP here Hanna!


Attempt #3


Attempt #4 – Ella moved on to Hanna


Attempt #5 – back to Caty


Hugs for sis


Nana and her girls



Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures! It's so much fun to have little helpers when decorating! It looks like Hanna and Jude had the same idea with the decorating - sit back and have fun watching! The pictures of Hanna and Caty together are always so sweet! The attempts at getting pictures of them with Ella are adorable! All such loving girls! I hope Caty and Hanna's coughs clear up soon, especially before Christmas!
Merry Christmas!! Oh - I don't remember if I mentioned it in another post or not, but I love your header - cute pictures!!

Destini said...

I am so loving all the pictures of Caty and Hanna! Enjoy this time before the fighting starts! Hope Caty and Hanna are feeling better soon!

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