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Friday, December 25, 2009

Finally, A Bike That Fits

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My parents bought Caty this bike back on her 3rd birthday.  After my dad added wood blocks to the pedals, she still couldn’t reach – poor thing.  So the bike went into hiding and back in November we thought that we’d pull it back out and try it again.  Well guess who can ride the bike, no pedal extenders needed.  YAY CATY!! 

The type of bike is the Radio Flyer Grow N' Go Bicycle




Destini said...

Trace had one of those, but as soon as he could reach the pedals he decided it was a "baby bike" and gave it to his cousin Eaden...now he has a 12" bike that he, again, cannot reach the pedals on...go figure! Go Caty!

Greene Family said...

Yay for a bike that fits! How exciting and fun!

Anonymous said...

THis is the same identical bike we just got Morgan in September ... she loves it too.

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