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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Annual Family Tradition

After living in the Sacramento area for 9 years, we decided to finally make a trip up to Apple Hill for some apple goodness.  We got some suggestions of orchards to stop at – thanks to Melisa and Rod. 
We started our morning by making the hour drive and luckily Hanna slept the whole way.  It can make for a REALLY LONG car ride if she doesn’t fall asleep. 
Our first stop was High Hill where we tried some apple donuts – yumo!!  Caty also got her face painted.  The picture board showed a small butterfly but the end product sure didn’t look like that!
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Caty spotted this sign and since it cost $120 we opted to just take a picture of it and send the picture to my parents.  

Next we headed over to El Dorado Orchards.  We didn’t do much here as Caty, Hanna and I had just gone on a train ride on Friday at the pumpkin patch.  We did walk around and looked at the different booths.  We also got a nice family picture taken.  The couple that took the picture must have owned one of the booths because the lady gave each of the girls little hand sewn snowmen.  They sure are cute (sorry no picture). 
Caty posing with the scarecrow, although she was a little timid about standing in front of him.  I’m not sure if she expected him to move or what, but she got out of there very quickly after I took the picture. 
Next we headed to Boa Vista Orchards and had lunch – yummy corndogs.  Did some more walking around and browsing what people were selling.  We watched an artist make some paintings with spray paint – they were actually really cool looking. 
From here we headed to Abel’s Apple Acres in search of an apple pie.  Boy did we find one!  Can’t you just smell it!!  Mmmm!!!!
There was a pond which looks much better in this picture than in person – up close it looked like a swamp infested with mosquitos – not so bad in the picture though.  I think that, despite the look of the pond, this might be an annual picture that we take and next year Hanna can be standing with Caty instead of hanging in the stroller. 
We really wanted to find an orchard that allowed us to pick our own apples, most of them don’t.  I sent Melisa a text asking where they had picked apples, as they had just spent a weekend up in Apple Hill.  She recommended Willow Pond Farm, which is such a tiny orchard they don’t even have a web site.  It was a wonderful place though and we had fun picking our apples. 
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Looks like we’ll be visiting Apple Hill each fall.  We had a wonderful day and I’m sad that we’ve missed out on 9 years of apple goodness!


Emily said...

Wow, what great pictures! Caty looks so cute standing next to that huge scarecrow! Apple Hill looks like such a fun place, I'd love to visit someday. And that pie, oh my goodness! Looks so yummy! The girls are just so cute, and I think it's a great idea to have an annual picture taken at that pond.

Destini said...

Great photos and a great trip! Caty's butterfly is really cute and that apple pie, Oh my, I really want one just like that!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures!! It looks like you guys had a great day - Apple Hill looks like so much fun! Caty is so adorable standing by the pond - great place for an annual picture! Caty's butterfly is so cute, and I just love her smile! Hanna is adorable too - love the picture of the two of you with her big smile!

Melissa Swartley said...

Great pic's! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Too funny about Caitlyn getting away from that scarecrow quickly after the photo! My Akela is timid about that sort of stuff too. I love the picture of Hanna with the apple! That apple pie looks like it's ready to burst! Caty is so cute with her pretty butterfly face paint! What a great tradition to start!

Kasia and Amelia said...

What a crisp refreshing post (I mean trip!), great pictures, wonderful weather. I love the face painting and the apple pie, yum! Great new tradition!

The A Team said...

i haven't checked out your blog in awhile and am glad i did today! what a fun day. and that pie is making me drool.

The Wymer Clan said...

Wait! Why didn't I get any pie?! :o) Looks like a super fun trip. We'd been planning on trying to get out to an apple orchard this fall, but then the weather decided to just skip on ahead to winter. Maybe next year! :o) hehehe Glad you guys had fun, it definitely sounds like a great family tradition!

Anthea said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun day. That apple pie looks amazing. For some reason the pic of Caty in front of the scarecrow isn't loading for me - (but I can see all the other ones). Glad all is well.

Kim said...

I LOVE all these pictures. As usual Caty has on her mega watt smile. Just want to hug her. Hanna is just a little doll face. I am so glad you guys got to apple pick. Sadly there are almost no apple orchards here unless we drive quite a ways too-maybe next year. That apple pie looks soooo good. There is nothing better than warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Have a great Halloween with the girls!

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