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Thursday, October 8, 2009

American Saturday Night Tour


For the second year in a row, Michelle and I got incredible seats to see Brad Paisley.  Michelle is in the fan club and even with buying seats 2 weeks after they went on sale, we ended up in the 11th row.  Our seats were 4 seats away from the side cat walk.  Although once Dierks Bentley came on we stood up right near the from of the stage.  Dierks and Brad were literally less than 5 feet from us at times.  We positioned ourselves right in front of one of Brad’s microphones. It made for some incredible pictures!  We even both ended up with guitar picks – not that either of us play the guitar, but still, a cool souvenir to come home with.  The show was AWESOME, AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, the list goes on and one.  Enjoy the song and pictures. 


Laura Wolf said...

What a great concert. They're so much fun!

Greene Family said...

Awesome pictures! I would love to see them in concert! It looks like you had a great time!

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