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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natalie’s 4th Birthday

Caitlyn’s friend Natalie (from our playgroup) turned 4 on July 28 and her birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese.  We headed over there after Caty’s swim lesson and joined in on the fun.  We got there a little late, due to the swim lesson, but arrived just in time for the pizza and a visit from Chuck E himself.  Caty had a great time playing the games and cashing in her tickets for a tootsie roll pop. 

Caty and Natalie


Natalie was so excited when Chuck E came to see her!

100_7244 100_7245 100_7246 100_7247    100_7258 100_7259

Hanna admiring the flashing lights – kept her entertained for quite awhile



Everyone loves Skeeball!


 100_7264  100_7266 100_7267 

Going for a ride with Barney




Riding a pony – this “ride” actually sort of galloped like a horse and she was supposed to pull back on the reins to make him jump – yeah right!




Laura Wolf said...

I see Caty had so much fun. Loved her playing skeeball. I guess they didn't throw you out for walking on the equipment. Audrey begs me to take her to Chuck E. Cheese's all the time. And Hanna is getting so big. What sweet girls you have.

Emily said...

What a fun party! Chuck E Cheese is always a big hit with the kids!

Ever Changing said...

looks like both girls had a great time! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only mommy that let's my little one climb up and put do skee ball!

Greene Family said...

It looks like both Caty and Hanna had a blast at the party - love their beautiful smiles! I still like playing skeeball! :) We've been talking about taking Simon to Chuck E Cheese soon and I can imagine how much fun he'll have after seeing these pictures!
I couldn't comment on the swim lessons post for some reason, but it looks like Caty had fun after she adjusted a little bit! Cute videos and what a smile! I hope she enjoys her next lessons and becomes even more comfortable with getting her face wet and going under water!

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