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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Hanna cuteness!

Hanna is approaching 12 weeks already!!  I thought that I would share a few new pictures and videos.  She’s smiling all the time, okay, well most of the time.  She is sleeping well – a good 6 hour(sometimes longer) stretch at night.  She’s got great head control and back strength; she’s going to be a show off around here.  Caitlyn was on the early side with her milestones, following the Achondroplasia milestone charts.  She held her head up around 4 months, sat with assistance by 10 months, and was walking at 18 months.  I think with Hanna, she will also reach milestones early on. 

Enjoy the pictures!

041 050  015 



See she’s not always happy


Okay, so don’t judge me on my singing…


Melisa said...

What a cute video!

Destini said...

Oh goodness, that video is adorable! Still shots just don't do her justice, I can't stop smiling! So glad that she is doing so well, it is definitely hard to believe she is 12 weeks!

Laura Wolf said...

Just precious!! I love all the smiles. Hanna loves her mama.

Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures of Hanna, and I just love her smiles and her eyebrows moving while you sing to her!! Such a sweetheart!
It sounds like she is doing so great! I hope our baby is sleeping 6 hours or longer at night by 12 weeks too! :)

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