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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend at Nana and Papa’s

Caty, Hanna and I ventured down to my parents house for the weekend. Scott had a big paper due for his Masters Program and I thought we would give him some piece and quiet to get his work done. 

We drove down on Friday and luckily Hanna slept for the whole trip, which is about 2 hours.  I had some Kohl’s cash so we made a stop at the Kohl’s closest to my parents.  They were also having a 15% off everything and here in CA a tax free day, even better.  Hanna decided that halfway through our shopping that she was going to wake up and of course she needed to eat.  This sped up the rest of the browsing, especially since I was now carrying Hanna around and pushing the monster of a double stroller that we have.  I had a few pairs of shoes and some dresses for Caty and we got into line with our loot.  She cashier started to ring up our stuff and halfway through, the register froze.  She restarted it and we tried again – by this time Hanna was not just crying but screaming – only to have it freeze again.  They moved me over to another cash register and tried it again.  Then the cashier decided that she better run to the main computer at the back of the store to check and make sure that my card wasn’t charged from our attempt on the first machine.  She was gone a few minutes and finally returns, luckily saying we weren’t charged.  She finally got it all done and decided to give me an extra $10 off for the “inconvenience” – sounds good to me.  The total before the discounts, Kohls cash and the inconvenience cash was $85.  After all the discounts our total was $35!!  I was so excited and thought to myself “I sure wish that I had grabbed more things!” 

Onto my parents…

Saturday morning we had some friends over.  Keith and Annette are the parents of a good friend from my childhood, Melissa.  The last time I saw them was about 15 years ago.  Melissa moved to CO for college and the year after that (95) Keith and Annette moved to New Jersey.  After college, Melissa moved to Pennsylvania and that is where she, her hubby and their two boys live.  Keith and Annette split their time between Nashville and New Jersey.  Anyways, they were out for a work related reunion and had Saturday morning free.  I invited them over and it was so wonderful to see them – I just wish that Melissa and the boys could have been there.  More on Melissa, Keith and Annette in another blog.


The weather was really nice so we were able to get some swimming in on Saturday afternoon.  This was Hanna’s first swimming experience and from this first picture you can see that she wasn’t too thrilled with it.


But once I had her, she calmed down and was okay with it.  She was in the pool for about 30-45 minutes and actually was quite relaxed.

006 007


Caty swimming around with Papa


What time spent in the pool will do to a baby


Caty practicing her swimming – actually going underwater!!


Bathtime for Hanna


Talking to Caty and Papa



Caden and Mommy said...

Sounds like a fun time with Nana & Papa! I bet they loved having you girls there! Score on the Kohl's bargains! and Congrats to Scott for working on his masters!

Destini said...

Yay for Nana and Papa time! Awesome shopping deals, even with the screaming baby!

Greene Family said...

It looks like you gals had a fun weekend at your parents' house, and I'm sure your parents love every minute with their adorable granddaughters!
Yay for Caty going underwater! It looks like she is really enjoying swimming! I love the picture of Hanna all tuckered out after her time in the pool - so cute!
Yay for a great bargains at Kohl's! I always think the same thing after getting such a great discount . . . should have grabbed more . . . haha!

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