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Friday, July 31, 2009

Swim Lessons

Caty has been taking swim lessons for the past two weeks.  We’ve signed her up for another session, which starts on Monday.  Before these lessons, she HATED water in her face, but has gotten better at it since.  She will now blow bubbles and isn’t freaked out about going underwater.  She won’t go willingly, but if the swim instructor dunks her, she’s somewhat okay with it.  I don’t mean dunking, really, just while holding her, both of them going under for a second.  I’m hoping that by the end of the next 2 week session, she’s feel better about getting her face wet and maybe even going under.

The first day didn’t go over so well – she screamed the whole 30 minutes – almost wish that I had caught some of that on video.







After that she was fine and really started enjoying herself. 










On the last day of swim class they spent a little time going over the stuff they had learned.  Then the kids got a special treat and were able to play on the play structure.

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Emily said...

Great job, Caty! She is so cute clapping for herself in that last video! I showed this to Seamus, because I am having such a hard time getting him in the pool. I am glad to hear that it took some time for Caty to get adjusted...it gives me hope!

sharon said...

Caty looks like she is doing soo well and having fun:) what a great achievement to put her head under water without tears...Fern isnt kean either..not sure she would be happy with the dunking either...WELL DONE CATY

Stiber Family said...

You should start putting Hanna in the pool now and she'll love it by the time she is Caty's age. All our kids LOVE the water and swim like fish. Just keep it fun for both of them and they will learn to love it too!

Destini said...

Go Caty! Trace has no fear of water and loves to go under, go figure! She'll be doing great by the end of the next two weeks!

The Wymer Clan said...

Woo-Hoo Caty! Way to go! Nik started the summer not liking going under water, but she likes getting her goggles wet so now she's cool with it. Might be something to try if she keeps not liking going under. Good luck!

Monica Hagen said...

Jamie, when I took Aidan for Melisa he was the same way. Now when he is in my pool here at the condo all he wants to do is put his face in the water and blow bubbles. Should see my blog I have a pic of him doing just that.

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