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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning at our house, just the three of us. Caitlyn slept in until 8:00 or so, which was great for all of us! She asked Santa for a Cash Register and he didn't let her down. On Christmas Eve we had left cookies and milk out for Santa and sprinkled some Reindeer food on the lawn, but in the morning that was the last thing Caty was thinking of. I don't even think that throughout the whole morning she inquired about the plate of cookies. We had a wonderful Christmas together and Caty even surprised us with a gift she made at school!



Destini said...

What a great Christmas! Caty must have been a very good girl this past year! Love her Dora PJs and bedhead!

Alex said...

what a cute video!! It looks like she had lots of fun presents!!

mejane said...

Slept in until 8:00 AM!! What an angel. You are so lucky. I'm lucky if I get to sleep past 6:15!
Caty is so cute. I love her morning "bed head." Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas.

Kim said...

Cute video! I love Caty's DOra pjs. Just want to hug her she is so cute. Her and her buddy Pres slept late on Christmas morning, both could care less about the reindeer food and both got cash registers! What a happy morning you guys had!

Emily said...

What a sweet slideshow! How perfect to spend a quiet Christmas morning at home, just the three of you. Caty looks like a doll in her Dora jammies! It sure looks like Santa was good to her this year!

Melisa said...

Lots of great gifts she got! This was such a fun year for the kids...they really got into the presents!!

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