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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day Part 2

After spending Christmas morning at home, we headed toward my parents. They live down in the Bay Area in Redwood City, which is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco. We arrived early in the afternoon and Caitlyn wanted to jump right in and open presents. She sure had enough there to open too!!

Caty and her Baby Center that my parents gave her
She loves it!
Opening presents
A new outfit for Caitlyn her Cabbage Patch - yes, we actually have a CP doll named Caitlyn - she's even blonde haired and brown eyes
Opening presents with Uncle Todd and Auntie Erin
It's a game called Polar Bear A-B-C's (it's really cute)
Caty with my parents and the bird house she painted for them (she painted most of the bird house, I had to help with a little bit)
Opening more presents from Uncle Todd and Auntie Erin
A new Princess Bed set!
Uncle Todd getting his practice in - they will be becoming parents mid-May, just 5 weeks before us!
Sitting with Uncle Todd
Caty, Daddy and Boo
Caty's snowsuit, which came in very handy on our trip to Reno - another post to follow - she looked like a little marshmallow
Caty, Uncle Todd and Auntie Erin
Caty and Uncle Todd


Emily said...

What gorgeous family pictures! The one with Caty and your parents is especially sweet. She looks so proud of the birdhouse! Caty is a lucky girl to be getting a baby sibling and a baby cousin so close togther...and I'm sure she'll have lots of practice with that awesome baby center!

Danielle said...

I love the pictures - Caty is so adorable and smiles so nice for pictures! I have 2 that do that, and one that usually scowls at me. That baby center is awesome! I'm so excited for you guys to add to your family, it was always such a fun time for us!

Alex said...

WOW what a busy Christmas you guys had!!! She looks so happy, I love it!

Mike said...

Man, I wish I'd gotten that many pictures! On the other hand, then I'd have to put up 4 or 5 blog posts today too! LOL

Sarah said...

Okay I don't think Caty can take a bad photo! She is so cute in every one of them. I went down and said, oh that's my fav. oh I love that one too. :) I do love them all, but that pic of her with her grandparents was sooo sweet!! Looks like she had lots of fun and made out really well!!

Mandy said...

Love the pictures. It looks like you had a great Christmas. Caty is just so cute. Andrea has a build a bear monkey that she named for herself too. At this age I think they just love their own names. LOL

Melissa Swartley said...

Great pictures! Caty is so cute! I love the snowsuit picture! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

Kim said...

Caty is so ridiculously adorable. I love her in the snowsuit! Your dad is very handy if I recall-so was the birdhouse his idea? How do you get Caty to smile in every picture? She is soooo pretty! Loved the dress.

Caden and Mommy said...

I love Caty in each and eveyone of these pictures! She is so cute! It looks like Caty had a wonderful Christmas and wasn't the least bit deprived!

Greene Family said...

Great photos!! Caty is so adorable in every picture - the one with her grandparents is really sweet and the one in her snowsuit . . . just want to hug her! That is so exciting that you and your sister-in-law are due within 5 weeks of each other!

Melisa said...

What a cute picture of Caty in her snowsuit. I agree...lil pink marshmallow.

sticker said...
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Tonya said...

Since I am REALLY dense...are you REALY 18 weeks already? WoW!

Caty looks like her Christmas was a blast!!

She is a doll!!!!I love her to bits!!

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