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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

Caitlyn was so into everything Christmas related this year, especially the decorated house! We have a neighborhood not too far from us, that goes ALL OUT!! So on Christmas Eve we headed over there and once we arrived we noticed that everyone else had the same plans! Unfortunately it was raining, although is Caty wasn't getting over a cold we would have gotten out of the car for a little while. But we stayed inside, where it was nice and warm and I snapped pictures through the open window. It was hilarious listening to Caty, as at each new house, she would say "OH MY GOODNESS!!" We heard that during the 30 minutes or so it took us to drive through - yes there were that many cars; bumper to bumper, going about 5 miles per hour. I'm thinking that we'll need to make this an annual Christmas Eve event, as fun was had by all!

You can visit a web site with a short description of the neighborhoods - Lights of the Valley - Rocklin and Antelope.

Enjoy the slideshow!


Destini said...

Very cute slideshow! What well decorated neighborhoods! I love the idea of starting a new tradition, but maybe not on Christmas Eve - I couldn't take the bumper to bumper traffic!

Melisa said...

I like the slideshow. Probably easier than loading a bunch of photos on here. It is amazing how festive people get with decorations!

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