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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hope that everyone had a fantastic Halloween.

This year we had....

Caty as a bag of jelly belly's

And Hanna the butterfly

Got a picture with Cameron before she got picked up for the day

We headed to our friends house for some dinner before trick-or-treating

Caty, Claire and Hanna

Caty, Claire, Hanna and Olivia

First house...

My pretty little butterfly

Caty was so funny - whenever someone asked her (leading up to Halloween) what she was going to be she would tell them a Jelly Bean Person.  As many times as I told her "tell them you're going to be a bag of jelly belly's" she just couldn't.  I said "nobody is going to understand what a jelly bean person is"  So Halloween comes and people kept saying "what a cute bag of jelly beans"- she'd look at me like "mom you were right" :-) Mommy knows best

Checking out the goodies

Hanna showing Daddy a tootsie roll - his favorite!!

This last picture cracks me up - Claire seems to be saying "all this candy is giving me a headache!!"

Who knows that the girls will come up with to be next year...we'll see.


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