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Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Woman’s Daybook – November 28th 2011

For today – November 28th 2011

Outside my window… I see a sea of leaves – time to think about raking them up. 

I am thinking… about how bummed I am that the parent of one of the kids that I have been watching after school called yesterday and said that they won’t be needing my help anymore :-(  The extra cash really helped out….already started looking for another family.  Hoping to find something soon.

I am thankful for…  my hot coffee right now – it’s cold outside!!

In the kitchen… there are a few things missing … my dad is going to refinish our kitchen cabinets so we brought him all the doors. 

I am wearing… jeans and a sweatshirt

I am creating… some blogs posts, have a few to catch up on…story of my life

I am going to… keep thinking positively that I will soon find another family who needs childcare

I am reading… nothing – still haven’t picked up a new book yet, was thinking of re-reading the Twilight books but I also have a ton of other books to choose between , so we’ll see

I am hoping… to find another family soon that needs childcare

I am hearing… Hanna and Elmo’s World

Around the house… laundry is drying, more needs to go in the washing machine…and I’m sure the floor could use sweeping

A few plans for the rest of the week… we have friends coming over tonight for Monday Night Football/drinks/dinner, not much else going on during the week (would like to head to Stoney’s on Thursday night so I can chat with Chris Gardner and Kevin Lutz – the owner of Stoney’s – about the 2nd annual LPA Country Music Fundraiser but we’ll see),  and on Saturday we have our LPA Holiday Party which is always wonderful!!

A picture that I’m sharing…



Katie Jaye said...

I love the new Christmas look!

You'll find a new family don't worry, and they will be lucky to have someone as caring as you to watch over their little ones!

Caden and Mommy said...

You know I've said it before ... If we were closer you would be hired. Junk!

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