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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple Hill Without the Apples

We headed up to Apple Hill back in October with some friends who had never been before.  We had a great time despite the fact that the apple picking orchard we chose to get our apples from had HORRIBLE looking apples and we didn’t come home with a single one.   Oh well, we had a great time and the weather was PERFECT – as you’ll notice…the guys were in shorts.

Claire, Caty and Hanna


Caty at High Hill, sitting on quite a pumpkin


The girls got their faces painted

005 006

Hanna chose a kitty


And Caty chose a butterfly




Family picture


Onto Apple Ridge Farms

One Little Pumpkin


Two Little Pumpkins


Three Little Pumpkins


Feeding the sheep

021 036

Running through the pumpkin patch


Caty found one


Claire too!


Hanna too!

053 054

We stopped at Abel’s Acres to have lunch but the line consisted of about 20 people and last year it took us about 30 minutes to order and get our food with only 5 people in front of us so there was no way we were going to wait.  I did get an apple pie from their Bake Shop though but forgot to take a picture but you can get an idea from this one…


From here we made a quick stop at Willow Pond Farm and were very disappointed because their apples SUCKED!!  Not sure if it was the crazy warm then cold weather we’d had recently but with 3 cranky girls who were tired and hungry we spent about 10 minutes here before we headed to Placerville to find somewhere for lunch.

061 066 069


Thanks for a great day Traub family! 


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