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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's A Hoedown

Caty’s kindergarten class has been studying farm life and as the trimester came to an end, they had some fun with it.
Thursday, April 7th, farm animals were brought to school so the kids could see them up close.  Hanna and I “happened” to walk by when it was time for Caty’s class to be out there.  The parents were told that we wouldn’t be allowed in the gates, so Caty’s teacher let me know what time they would be going out to see them.  

Here’s Caty with the calf

Unfortunately that was the only picture I got of her with the animals because I was busy chasing Hanna around, making sure that she didn’t run off into the street – she wasn’t very interested in seeing the animals.

On Friday, we were invited to the Kindergarten Hoedown – can I just say it was the cutest thing EVER!!
My cowgirl ready to go…

Caty’s class

Square Dance time with her partner Madeline



Doing the chicken dance – her friend Evan (from Preschool) next to her in the red scarf

Friends since Preschool (Aubrey, Kylie and Madeline)

And now you can “kinda” see them in action..

Square Dance Time!

And onto the Chicken Dance...


Emily said...

Love the hoedown! How fun! And I'm sure you were a proud mama, with Caty following in your country-loving footsteps! She looks adorable in her outfit...the boots are awesome!

Greene Family said...

How fun and soooo cute!! Caty is adorable in her outfit! Love the square dancing pics of your little cowgirl, and and those videos - so much cuteness!

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