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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday – April 15th 2011

Flashing back to April 15th of the past years.

April 2010

My little Easter Bunnies!

086 106 108


April 2009 – getting Caty’s new room ready before Hanna arrived.

0419091137 100_6845

April 2008 – copy cat!


April 2007 – a day at the Sacramento Zoo

 100_1957 100_1980 100_1981

April 2006 – Caty and Jinx

DSC03341 DSC03334 DSC03335 DSC03337

April 2005 – one month old

146 95 - how precious 97 - look at me


Trish Wirtz said...

These are my favorite pictures f the girls so far.....I love the hat ones! Precious!

Kerri said...

Man such cuties!!!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

OMG! How ADORABLE! Ur daughters r so beautiful! Caty is sp precious with her kitty! I can't take it. She looks so cute sitting on the couch! I can't wait for Lyla to start sitting!

Caden and Mommy said...

Oh! It just goes too quickly :0( I love all of them, but Caty in the bucket hat is my favorite!
Less then 3 months! Hooray!

Melisa said...

All of a sudden our kids are in elementary school!!! Happens way to quickly!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness. These pictures are all gorgeous, but Caty - circa 2006? I just don't think I can take it. Oh the cuteness!!! I just want to squeeze her!

Kim said...

I love this flashback Friday , like I do all your flashbacks. Because I love watching Caty and Hanna grow right before my eyes. I also just caught up with your latest blog posts. Love Hanna saying "Awesome!" SO cute. And I like the two pictures you shared on your date book post. I am sure you guys had a blast this past weekend and I cannot wait to see pictures!!!xoxo.

Greene Family said...

Adorable - so many precious pictures!! Love your flashback posts! Caty and Hanna are so cute in their sun hats last year! Caty with Jinx - too cute! Beautiful girls and they are growing up so fast!

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