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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Two Little Pumpkins

On October 2nd our LPA Chapter had it’s annual Pumpkin Patch event.  We traveled the hour long drive to Countryside Farms in Stockton.  The farm is fabulous because it closes down to just our group.  The girls had a blast!

 003 005

Hanna found more dirt to play with!


Check out those hands!


Caty planting some seeds

013 017



Hanna watching Aidan and Brianne


Hanna playing in the lima bean pit – she literally played in her for at least 30 minutes and threw a fit when I finally had to pull her out.

 022 024

I got Caty to join for a picture

 031 033

Driving the tractor

035 037 039  

On a hayride


Posing with the pumpkins

 047 051

That’s one cute pumpkin


Me and my pumpkins



Greene Family said...

It looks like you all had such a fun fall day! That's great that you guys had the farm all to yourselves for the LPA Chapter event! I just love how much Hanna enjoys playing in the dirt and the lima bean pit . . . Simon and Jude would have a blast hanging out with her! Great pictures of your beautiful girls!! Aidan looks like he had a blast too!

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