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Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday

flashThis road trip was back in June of 2004, right before I got pregnant with Caty – no I didn’t get pregnant on the trip.  We drove up through Oregon to Montana where my cousins live. 
Here we are at Crater Lake Oregon
Us at Crater Lake  Crater Lake 1 Crater Lake 8
Remember, I said this was in June!  That’s a lot of snow!!
Crater Lake Snowbank
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho – this is where Scott proposed back in the summer of 2001
Couer D' ALene 2
Craters of the Moon National Monument, American Falls, ID
Craters of the Moon 1
Now we’re in Montana – Lake McDonald
Jaime and Scott Glacier 2 Lake McDonald
My cousin Jon, and his wife Brooklin and their two boys.  Justin was almost 3 – he’s now 9 – and Logan was almost 1 – he’s now 7.  Jon and Brooklin have added two more boys to the family since then.
Copy of Jon and family 2
Logan walking
Justin 4
Flathead Lake, Montana
Flathead Lake 2
Glacier National Park
Glaceri Park 2  
What a fun trip this one.  We’d love to make a trip back to Montana someday but I don’t know about traveling in the car for that long with our girls. 


Kim said...

Those pictures from Oregon are GORGEOUS! I cannot believe the amount of snow. You still look fantastic all these years later-have not aged one bit!!! I would LOVE to go to Montana. Maybe we can go when the kids get a bit older!

Emily said...

Beautiful!! Those pictures are breathtaking! I think Montana would make an incredible vacation spot!

Greene Family said...

Beautiful pictures and what a fun trip that must have been! I can't believe how much snow there was in Oregon in June! I would like to vacation in Montana too!
Scott picked a beautiful place to propose to you! I'm sure it was great going back there three years later!

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