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Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday

Between my Junior and Senior year of high (summer of 93) I spent a month traveling through Europe with a group of 16 high school students.  It was one of the most incredible experiences in my life!!  We visited 7 countries – Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain.
This is the Lion Monument in Lucerne Switzerland.  The lion is HUGE!!  In the picture are my friends Michelle (my Nashville traveling buddy) and Jacqui.  The guy holding me is Rod Liner, who was the US History teacher at my high school and the head adult on the trip. 
Enjoying the sunset in Salzburg Austria with the Salzburg Cathedral behind me
Enjoying the Eiffel Tower at sunset
On the beaches of Nice France
The Port of Monte Carlo, Monaco
A statue of Anne Frank outside of the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam Holland.
In Holland you have to try in some clogs, right?
And when at the Heineken Brewery you MUST drink beer!
In a small town, I believe Edinburgh Switzerland
Goofing around with the 1972 Munich Olympic Games Stadium in the background.
And finally at the Hofbrau House in Munich
I have so many more pictures in my photo album from the trip, but there are the only ones that are actually scanned onto the computer. 
What a fun trip this was!


Melisa said...

Fun times! Reminds me of the European trip I took with my friends from High School the summer I graduated in 1987.

The Bankesters said...

Fun. Reminds me of ours that we did in 10 days between my Jr and Sr year( Summer of 90). We went to London, Paris, Lucerne, Austria (don't remember the city) and ended in Munich I believe.

Love the picture of the Lion. It is huge. I remeber walking across the covered bridges in Lucerne. I hated it that they burned down but found a picture years later at a festival of the bridges that we saw while there.

Kim said...

Ok so besides the fact that the scenery is gorgeous, let's talk about some of the other things---I was a soph in 1993. I totally had the scrunchie too. I also LOVE the pictures with the bubble conversations! I remember having them and thinking they were so awesome! LOL! And in today's age your teacher would have been fired for going within fifteen feet of a student. I love these pics!

Emily said...

Wow, what a great trip! Such awesome memories and fantastic pictures to share!

Greene Family said...

Wow - what an amazing trip!! Great pictures and awesome memories! I went to France and Italy the summer after my senior year (1995) for 10 days, and the trip was too quick . . . would have loved to have gone for a month and visited more countries!

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