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Saturday, July 25, 2009

July has come and is almost gone…

Geez, where is the time going?  I definitely know that it’s going WAY TOO FAST!! 

Hanna is now almost 7 weeks (on Friday).  She’s smiling and cooing.  We’re just loving every minute with her!  Caty is still being quite the helper. 

Hanna’s out for the count!

100_7115 100_7114100_7119 100_7129

Kisses for sissy

100_7076 100_7077

Smiling – okay so this one is while she’s sleeping, but it’s still cute


Bathtime at Nana’s


Cute nudie butt!






Trying out her crib – this was my crib as a baby, then Caty’s and now Hanna’s


Caty wanted to lay down and this is the face that I got when I told her that she couldn’t

Seems that Hanna thinks it’s quite funny


The shirt says it all! :)


Here’s a quick rundown of the July so far:

We BBQ’d with some neighbors on July 4th – kind of nice not having to leave home.  We bought some fireworks this year, a first around here.  Caty had a BLAST watching them.  She hasn’t gotten to stay up before to see the fireworks, so this was a special night for her!  She finally sacked out around 10:00 – way late, considering she’s usually in bed shortly after 8:00. 

Trying out the sparklers with Nana a few days beforehand


HAPPY 4th EVERYONE! 100_7043     Hanna and Daddy chillin100_7051

So relaxed 100_7052

Found that my camera has a setting specifically for fireworks – pretty cool looking  100_7058 100_7059 100_7062 100_7063 100_7064 


On July 11th a good childhood friend got married.  Marin and I met 32 years ago – it’s wonderful to be able to say that we’ve known each other (literally) all of our lives.  I was 1 and she was 2 when we met.  Marin and Brian got married in the most unique of locations.  Marin has led river raft trips down the America River out of Coloma, CA.  The ceremony took place at the river camp, which was about an hours drive from our house.  We unfortunately missed the ceremony, as the map we printed led us to a different location – always check, when using Mapquest, that you’re going where you should be going.  We arrived as the ceremony was ending and Marin and Brian were getting into a raft.  When you’ve got the American River there, who needs a horse and carriage.



The wedding  guests were then invited to join Marin and Brian on a 9 mile raft trip.  Obviously we were not able to partake, although we would have loved to.  Caty has gone to my parents for the weekend, but we had Hanna with us.  So we drove the hour home, spent a couple hours there, then drove back for the reception.  It was totally laid back and very casual.  We spent the evening enjoying the cool, mountain air, along with a keg of beer, pasta for dinner, followed by homemade (by Marin and her mom, Miesje) apple pie for dessert.  It was the perfect wedding for Marin – who has spent time in the Philippines which serving in the Peace Corp and also biked from Panama to the California border (as her Masters project).  Lots of love to her and Brian as they start their new life together. 

 100_7082 100_7087 100_7088 100_7089 100_7090


And finally… we headed down to my parents for a few days and had a little get together at my parents, inviting friends over to come and meet Hanna.  Three of my good friends from high school came by, along with some other family friends.

Hanna with Nonni and Nonno


With my friend Jacqui


Taking a snooze on Michelle


Hanging with Devon


Okay, so I think that this has been my longest post EVER, but I figured I’d try and get everything into one, as I clearly don’t have time to do multiple posts.  I want to leave you with one last picture

My family!



Jaime said...

Okay, so when I wrote this it was mid week and not Friday yet. So Hanna is officially 7 weeks now, seeing as I posted this on Saturday.

I also was able to use Windows Live Writer with no problems - not sure exactly what I did, but it worked!

anthea said...

Looks like you have had a busy month. Both Hanna and Katy are just gorgous...love the pic on Hanna with the big smile and the one of Katy with the frown. Glad all is going well.

Destini said...

What cute pictures of the kids! Trace is impressed with Caty's sparkler safety, he came in and said "She is holding that parkley good!" Hanna is just so sweet and precious. What a bummer that you missed the wedding, but it seems a very fitting day for two outdoor enthusiasts.

Laura Wolf said...

Jamie, what cute pictures of the kids. It's amazing how fast the babies grow and how they change. Love the smiles while sleeping. It's such a calming picture to know they are happy and content. Caty seems to be doing great with her little Hanna. Too bad you missed the ceremony due to the mapquest. I have had issues with them sending me in the opposite direction before. Happy 7 weeks Hanna.

Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! You have been super busy! I can't believe Hanna is already 7 weeks old! Time is flying! I think Hanna has Caty's smile! Love it! Caty's frown is just too funny! What a cutie pie! I love how your crib has been passed down to your girls! That's very cool! Bummer that you missed the wedding ceremony, but the pictures that you got from while you were there are fantastic! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Emily said...

It looks like you have been enjoying summer to the fullest with your two beautiful girls! I can't believe how quickly Hanna is growing. It sure seems as though big sis Caty loved her to pieces! Hope you continue to have a wonderful summer!

Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures of your girls and great family photo!! I can't believe that Hanna is 7 weeks old already! Caty is the sweetest big sister, and I love Hanna's big smiles (they both have pretty smiles)!
That's too bad that you missed the wedding ceremony, but it looks like you guys had a great time at the reception! Looks like a fun get together at your parents' house too! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

The Wymer Clan said...

Adorable pics of the girls - Caty looks like she's totally grooving on the whole big sister thing. We did the little safe and sane fireworks for the girls this year too - they were just as impressed with the little ones as they were with the big show last year!

Kim said...

I had seen a lot of these pics on Facebook but it was a treat to see them again. Your family is just so blessed. The girls look so happy and they are both gorgeous. Your friend's wedding sounded like a blast-must have been nice to do something a bit different. You must be loving your summer off to spend time with those two amazing little girls!

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