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Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Circus Adventure

This past Saturday Caty had her first circus experience. Scott was heading out of town for Saturday night and his mom, Caty calls her Tutu (grandma in Hawaiian) and his sister, Auntie Christine came to spend the weekend with us. I had an LPA officers meeting in the morning, which they graciously watched Caty for me. After the meeting, we had lunch, then headed out the door. Caty lucked out on this day as she wasn't going to have to take a nap. I had wanted to find something exciting for us to go and do on Saturday and luckily enough the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus was going to be in town. So the four of us went to see the Greatest Show on Earth, which I hadn't been too since I was a little girl. We arrived an hour before the show started as during that time they allow the audience to come down to the floor and see some of the acts close up. Caty got to sit on a motorcycle and dance with clowns on stilts - that was a site to see, talk about two extremes!! We went and found our seats, which were in the upper level, but the second row - we had a great view of the floor. The show started and Caty was so excited about seeing everything - the lights, the acrobats, the tigers, the clowns. She was dancing in her seat and held a HUGE smile the whole time. She really wanted to see the elephants, but before they took to the stage she fell asleep. I tried to wake her up, but she was sound asleep. Now how she could sleep with all the noise going on around here, I have no idea, because at home, she wakes up at the slightest sound. So she got about a 20 minute nap in while we watched the rest of the show. I was finally able to rouse her when the lights came back on and the show was over. Even though she missed what she had been asking to see, she said that she had a fun time. Maybe next year we'll see the show again and hopefully she won't sleep through part of it. Enjoy the pictures!

Watching the clown on stilts (notice how you can't even see his waist, that's how tall he was)

Watching the elephant paint a picture
The Greatest Show on Earth
With Auntie Christine

With TutuCaty crashed out


Kim said...

That sleeping picture is just precious. It looks like a great show. I always went to the Big Apple Circus but never Ringling Bros. What a really great thing for her to go to the circus level and see the acts up close. That is really neat. Glad she had such a great time and of course she looked adorable as always

Mike said...

Absolutely love two things here - first, the adorable pic of Caty crashed out from the excitement; second, the list of things she loved about the circus started with the lights! Hehehe... I've been one of the spotlight operators for Barnum and Bailey's the last three or four times that it's come through Bakersfield - I think this year was the first I'd missed in quite a while! That show really is a blast. I've got a few pics of Evan's trip there last year either on Facebook or MySpace - he had a blast!

Emily said...

Wow, how much fun! My parents take Seamus to the circus each spring, and he loves it. He has a short circus DVD that is great also. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Alex said...

How fun!!! I bet she had a great time! She looks like a little angel on that last picture.

Destini said...

How much fun was that! I remember the Shriner's circus when I was little - I loved the elephant rides! I will have to make a note to take the kids to the circus the next time it is nearby! Caty looks so excited - and I love the sleeping picture - you know they are out when they have their mouth gaping open!

TheFiveDays said...

WOW, Jaime! What a lucky girl Caty is! I didn't even realize the circus was in town. This is such a great age to take them, I bet she thought the whole thing was just magical and will remember it forever! I love the shot of her sleeping. It's amazing how they will fall asleep in such a noisy, active place!

I am going to have to show Natalie the pictures, although I think she will be a *tiny* bit jealous!

Also, regarding your question about the apple hat - it's from Gymboree. It's part of their fall line called Prep School. On sale right now for $8.50! ;) http://www.gymboree.com/shop/dept_category.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306238909&bmUID=1221593788691

We'll see you guys soon! Say hi to Caty for us!

Greene Family said...

How exciting!! Caty looks adorable in all of the pictures, but I especially like the one of her sleeping at the end! I'm looking forward to taking Simon to the circus next year.

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