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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a few random things....

I thought it was time for another post and I don't really have much to share, but needless to say I'll find something to talk about.

Back when we went to the circus - it took place at Arco Arena where the Sacramento Kings and Monarch's play, so throughout the arena, they have poster of the players. The player nearest our section was Brad Miller, so I had Caty pose with him - talk about from one extreme to the other! She comes to right above his knees!

Preschool is going great! No more tears when I drop her off! YIPPEE!!! She is enjoying the class and everyday when I pick her up she says "I had fun today!" For some strange reason she will not have snack at school; she'll drink the juice, but won't eat anything. I have no idea why not and when I ask her she just says that she didn't like it or she wasn't hungry. Both of those answers confuse me because she likes almost anything, snack is usually something such as pretzels or fishy crackers. While we are home on any given day, she can snack all day long. So, there's got to be another reason, but she isn't saying why. I'm wondering if she's worried about having to go to the bathroom while there and actually asking a teacher to help her. I take her right before I leave and that is enough to get her through the morning. Her favorite snacks are fruit snacks and yogos and and we asked her if that was the snack for the day would she eat it, and she kinda gave us a smile and said maybe. I've told her that if she doesn't want to eat, then that is fine and just say "no thanks." Her not eating isn't too much of a concern, but mind boggaling.

Scott and I are getting a weekend to ourselves this coming weekend. One of Scott's best friends, Al, is getting married in Fresno, so we are leaving Caitlyn with my parents and getting some time to ourselves. Not too much time, as Scott is in the wedding, but what little time still counts! We're heading to my parents Thursday night, spending the night there, then heading to Fresno Friday morning. We'll then head back and get Caty on Sunday, then head home. It'll be a quick trip, but I'm sure a great one!

That's about it for now. I've got a few videos of Caty singing and dancing, so I need to get those into a blog, but not this one. So for now you'll just have to deal with a couple cute pictures!

Helping with the laundry

Riding the horse that my dad made for her Christmas 2006 (it's going with us this weekend as it needs some added height; she's actually grown some!)

Christmas 2006 when she got her horse


Emily said...

I love the pic with the basketball player! Too cute. I hope you enjoy your weekend away...I'm sure it is well-deserved!

Jillsblog said...

Oh she is just cute. We have alot in common with our 3 year olds. JD doesn't eat at school either...hmmm?

Have fun on your weekend away....we are going away as well to a Murder Mystery weekend without the kiddos!!! Details to follow!Enjoy yourselves!

Ever Changing said...

how lucky for caty to have a grandpa to make her such a pretty horse to ride! i bet that makes a great toy for her to continue to love and grow with!
Enjoy your weekend away!

Becky said...

I love the picture with Brad Miller! The one in the hamper is adorable too! I hope you and Scott enjoy your weekend away. I am sure it will go by fast.

Destini said...

Funny, my kids eat way better at school that at home - I know this because my sister works there and tells me! Caty's horse is too cute, although it does need a little longer legs! Love the hamper picture, what's with kids and clothes hampers? Have a good weekend!

Caden and Mommy said...

That is precious sad that she won't eat at school ... you may have a point with the potty!
Adorable pictures - the basketball one is great!
Have fun this weekend ... we have yet to leave Caden for a weekend. I can't do it, I know I'm pathetic!

Alex said...

the picture with the basketball player is priceless!!!!!

Mike said...

I would post about the basketball player, but everybody else already did... LOL - I love the before and after pics with the wooden horse, though!

Have fun this weekend - we'll see you guys next weekend! Yay!

The A Team said...

that picture is great!! my oldest doesn't eat at school either and comes home starving. in his case, though he's too busy having fun to stop and eat.

Greene Family said...

Love the pics - so adorable! Enjoy your weekend away!

Stiber Family said...

Jinelle can be funny like that sometimes. She loves to eat and will eat almost anything (her favorite foods are Peas and Brocoli....not my child I tell ya! Don't know why on earth anyone would like either of those) but sometimes she won't eat when other people offer her stuff. maybe because we have told her not to take food from other people and stuff like that, but mostly, I think, its the age.

Kim said...

What a cute picture with the basketball player! Isn't it amazing to see how Caty has grown! She is a real little girl now. I am so happy preschool is going well!
Hope your weekend away was spectacular!

Charmaine said...

Great pictures, love the little laundry helper!!!!!!!

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